Diary of a Chronically Ill Mombie

Hello to all and welcome to my little slice of peace, quiet, and alone time. My name is Ashley and I am a twenty-something year old gal living in the Northwestern part of the U.S. This blog has been a year in the making (in my head at least) so it’s a bit rough around the edges… somewhat like myself. After some recent inspiration, I have decided to go for it an pursue my passion of writing in a way that I can truly express myself — to a bunch of perfect strangers!

Raw, honest, no gags.

This is a documentation of my life as a mother who is coping with multiple illnesses. If you have found your way to this blog, please, do not take it too seriously. My personality is highly sarcastic, a bit morbid, dorky and sometimes, outright brash. If you are looking for a pretty, ladylike and well put together blog, take your search elsewhere. As I said, honesty is key here, and I’m bound to offend people here and there. 

Disclaimer: I will certainly give tips and tricks that have worked for me in parenting my three year old, but I am in no way a parenting expert (do those even exist?).